Raw Organic Shea Butter with Whipped Shea Lotion Recipe!

This sounds super easy to make. At one point I really thought that doing DIY things were hard but I am so quickly changing my mind over the last year or so.

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So excited to be on this review right now! I have wanted to try raw shea butter for SO LONG! SQUEAL!!! Beauty By Shea provided me with an excellent quality product to work with! It was exactly as I expected it to be, and then some! The packaging is simple, yet very pretty.

Just a little snippet from the company before I start:

16 oz (1lb) of Pure Organic Unrefined Raw Shea Butter from Beauty By Shea is made with extra care to ensure you receive the purest Raw Shea Butter. Beauty By Shea Organic Shea Butter is double filtered, first in Ghana, and then at our US Lab where it is manufactured into our 1lb bricks, packaged into our heat sealed bags, and sent straight to Amazon thereby preserving the natural richness, and purity of the shea butter for our customers.
Beauty By Shea 100% Ivory…

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Boo Boo cover up concealer


Ok so we all have the face demons better known as zits, acne, or pimples and they are sometimes painful and can be very annoying. Well one thing I have found that has worked great for me is Boo Boo cover up and not only does it conceal the face demons but it is made with tea tree oil and other ingredients  that helps to heal as it conceals. I had gotten a sample/ entered a contest (for a full size) in January and have been using it for the last month or so after finishing another product I had been using.


                                        .                                  Before


   .                                                This is after applying the concealer   


                                                                    Day 2 Before


                                                                      Day 2 after

The consistency of it is pretty thick but easy to work with and blend and I use a concealer brush but use my finger from time to time to. I had applied it at about 10:30 am and by 3 I did notice I needed to reapply so that could be a down side for some people but I think approximately 10 hours with 2 applications is pretty good. It comes in 3 shades light medium and dark I am shade medium shade.


The cost of this concealer is 19.00 plus tax and a shipping is calculated by wherever you live it may seem steep for some but a little bit goes a long way, you may ask does it really heal in my personal opinion yes it does and you can judge by the pictures yourself so if you’d like to order go to http://www.booboocoverup.com/ and no I don’t get any commission and I was not recruited to do this review these are my own opinions and what may work for me may not work for everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review and have a fabulous day.

Kiss Nail Dress


I wanted to start by saying about 2 year’s I had gotten to try Kiss Nail Dress stickers in my Influenster voxbox and at that time I thought they were just ok but I would not have purchased  them, because I had issues putting them on and I kept having to replace one’s that had fallen off. Well later that year I had won another set from something and I had had put them away for a nail emergency, well on 7/31 I was going to go on a double date with my hubby and some friends and my nail polish was chipping really bad and so it was the day I had been waiting for. I got out the Kiss Nail Dress about 10 minutes before we had to go because it was a last minute thought I stuck them all on folded the excess over my finger tips and expecting to have to use nail clippers to trim the excess as I had to do with the ones I had tried prior, but I decided to try it with the file that comes with the kit anyway and I was pleasantly surprised that it worked as it was supposed to, I was able to just pull the excess off and this was the result


                                              I was very pleased with how it turned out.
                                                           (Picture taken 7/31/14)


                                          I was also very surprised at how well they did.
                                                     (This picture was taken 8/3/14)


       and also how long they lasted I finally took them off because I was getting a mani cure.
The Kiss Nail Dress I had tried prior only lasted about 3 days because they were peeling up and getting snagged in my hair when I would wash it so I am quite happy to say that this time around I will be purchasing them again in the future and maybe frying one of the suggested methods of use  as shown in this picture.


Homemade Soaps

Who knew that making soap could be more simple. I had seen you tube videos before but I had not found any as easy as this.

Rustic Romantic

For a really long time I wanted to learn how to make soap. I am not sure why it took so long for me to do it. I think that I thought it was going to be very hard and time consuming. It wasn’t until a friend of mine made a batch of soap to sell as a fundraiser that I realized how easy soap making can be! Her and I went on a mini shopping spree to get all the supplies you need to make soap:

Soap base (I purchased an oatmeal base and a cucumber avocado, but there are many more bases as well as plain glycerin)
Soap molds (I found some nice rose molds and molds that say “Handmade” and “Natural.”
Soap fragrance(s) (I purchases vanilla soap fragrance, but essential oils work well too)
Optional Soap additives (I added brown sugar to my oatmeal soap. It made…

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Mommy Makeup and More

My name is mommy (Iris) I love makeup and I want to do more about helping you as a makeup lover, mommy or just a consumer to save your money and avoid products that may not work so well or just help you in finding something that may work a bit better for you.
A little bit about me, I had some personal problems as a teenager and didn’t complete school so yes my grammar and punctuation is horrid if your a person easily bothered by this my blog may not be the one for you and its ok and sometimes my thought may seem random or all over the place but I promise I do have a point.
I have 2 children my daughter is 4 and my son is 6 I have a wonderful fiance who I have been with 11 years and known for 13. I am a stay at home mommy but hoping to start school to finish my high school diploma  once my daughter starts going to school but am not to sure what I want to do after that.
Well I am super excited to start reviewing some products and giving my 100% honest opinion of them as well as hopefully helping people avoid products that might not be as great as others.

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I am a Stay at home mom of 2 My son is 6 and my daughter is 4 and I have been with the love of my life for 10 years now.

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