Writing assignment #3

So for todays assignment I am supposed to  Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

Today, try free writing. To begin, empty your mind onto the page. Don’t censor yourself; don’t think. Just let go. Let the emotions or memories connected to your three songs carry you.

Today’s twist: You’ll commit to a writing practice. The frequency and the amount of time you choose to spend today — and moving forward — are up to you, but we recommend a minimum of fifteen uninterrupted minutes per day.

Keep your hand moving. (Don’t pause to reread the line you’ve just written. That’s stalling and trying to get control of what you’re saying.)

Don’t cross out. (That is editing as you write. Even if you write something you didn’t mean to write, leave it.)

Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar. (Don’t even care about staying within the margins and lines on the page.)

Lose control.

Don’t think. Don’t get logical.Go for the jugular. (If something comes up in your writing that is scary or naked, dive right into it. It probably has lots of energy

The first song that I have always loved and kinda powered me through hard times is Michel Jacksons Man in the mirror  and the reason is, I went through a lot of  issues with drugs among other things as a teenager and I felt like at some points I was practically begging myself to change what I was doing to myself as well as those around me but I just couldn’t (or didn’t think so at the time) and I would listen to this song to try to inspire myself and I feel like some days it would work but I don’t really know for sure. It took till I was 20 ( I’m 29 now) but I was finally able to change my behavior and get clean and sober and let me say it was not easy but I feel so proud of myself now for getting and staying clean and now quitting smoking cigarettes. There still are times that I miss the taste of alcohol but I know if I have that one drink it will lead to another and in a 2 second bad choice there goes 9+ years of sobriety down the drain and possibly other bad things would happen.

The next song that had driven me was Brandy, Have You Ever and that one was because I had met my husband at the first N.A. meeting I ever went to when I was 18 and I know it sound cliché but it was love at first sight, the problem (for me anyway) was that he had a girlfriend. I would sit in my room and listen to that song and cry and wish he would be mine and my heart would hurt for him so bad. So I became friends with him we hung out he was respectful and would never have cheated on his girlfriend and that is now how I know I can trust him so much now but anyway they ended up splitting and since him and I were hanging out so much I swooped him up and 10+ years later we are still together. He had really helped me get clean because I knew if I wanted to be with him I had to be I understand now that I have to be clean for myself, he now has coming up on 12 years clean

and my third song is Perfect By Pink and the reason for that is my baby girl because I see so many weight loss commercials on TV and so many women say how ugly or fat they are and I don’t want my daughthter thinking or feeling she is those things and while I don’t want to be telling her she is perfect all the time because she is a little to young to unstained fully what I really mean when I say it instead I tell her she is beautiful every single day because I hope it will truly sink in and she wont let anybody ever get to her by telling her she is ugly or dumb and I don’t want her to grow up like I did always feeling less then everyone else. I now don’t let things like that get to me it just rolls off for the most part and I have way better self esteem then I did years ago.

Well thank you to you all for reading my writing assignment and I hope you have a WONDERFUL evening/day.


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  1. shariepatty
    Sep 16, 2014 @ 23:22:38

    It is good to hear your strength in your words. Keep living your life fully present, there is no better way to Love your little girl than to show her how to start again when life is going in the wrong direction. My youngest daughter just moved out for college.



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