September 2014 Love With Food but really Gluten Free August box


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Hi everyone

Last month I had gotten an offer from Love with Food to get a free box. So I ordered it and was excited to be able to unbox it for you.

well the box got shipped out and delivered, only I was not the one who it was delivered to. I e-mailed Love with Food to let them know I had not gotten the box yet. Well they said they had run out of September boxes but offered me a August Gluten Free box instead. I thought that would be cool because I have not seen as many Gluten-Free unboxing’s of Love with Food as I have the regular boxes.

So here we go in the box

x2 dang – toasted coconut chips 1.43 oz.  These were the first item from the box that I ate and holy cow they are awesome the bags are 1.43 oz each and have a value of 1.62 per oz if you bought the 12 pack on Amazon

x2 180 – Nutty Rice Bites [dry roasted] with blueberries they are .62 oz. each and the 2 packs have a value of $2.98. These were the second thing I ate out of the box. Honestly for me they could be a good replacement  for some of the sugary not so good for me things I eat sometimes.

Jules – Cookies mix the 1.3 lb. box makes about 60 Cookies and is a value of $9.95. I read on the website that you can add whatever you want as far as nuts and chocolate chips to these cookies which I like because you can just keep these on hand then add whatever you need to. However for myself $9.95 is a bit much for a box of cookie mix.

Terra-Real Vegetable chip and the flavor is Sweet and Beets  they are 1.5 oz. and have a value of $2.55 I ate these too. I liked them a lot I wish they had a bit of a salty flavor to them but they are really good.

Bumblebar- Juno Apple Crisp Bar 1.6 oz.  it has a value of $2.69 This tasted ok not my favorite but if someone gave one to me I would eat it again. I love that it has 5g of Protein though

Lundburg – Multi-grain chips in Redwood Smokey BBQ 1.5 oz which has an approximate value of 3.15 per bag. These were ok again not the worst thing I’ve eaten but I probably would not but them. On this I am including the product link so you can locate them, if you are interested and to do that scoll all the way to the bottom of the page and I included the amazon link as well.

x 5 Yummy Earth – Organic suckers they have a value of .19 cents each so times that by 5 and I have .95 cents worth. I have had the Blueberry one and it was really good this I may purchase in the future

ginny – minis butter crisp love 1.25 oz. there value is 1.08 I haven’t eaten these yet but I love butter cookies so I think I will enjoy them.

Boulder Granola – Original 3 oz snack size. and has a vale of 2.70 I have had this yet either but the bag is a pretty good size I may try and find a cookie recipe to use it in.

So I think it was a pretty good box the price of the Gluten-Free box is is $25.00 a month and the value of this box is $29.29. You don’t come out hugly ahaead but you don’t have to pay a whole lot for some huge price for a bag or box of something and discover that you don’t like it.

Love with food is a big win for me I think I may get a monthly Tasting box for awhile. I want to start snacking on healthier things and this is a great way to find snacks and not waste money on ones I don’t like.


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September 2014 (but really August) Love with Food

If you want to try love with food feel free to use my referral code HERE 


*I was Offered this box for free by using a code via E-mail offer*

I hope you enjoyed my Love With Food unboxing/review.

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