What to do with chalkboard stickers

PicMonkey Collage CBS

Supplies needed:

A glass candle holder or some other glass container.

Chalkboard stickers (you can get some on amazon HERE)



A  flathead screwdriver or orange peeler (if you need to remove candle wax)

one of the flat ribbon type hair ties

Decorative rocks

IMPORTANT : I you have to remove candle wax put it in you freezer for at least 24 hours, it makes the removal so much easier




1. Take your candle out of the freezer.

2. Then carefully stick you flathead screwdriver or orange peeler between the candle wax and the glass. Gently wiggle it back and forth until the wax pops free.

3. Peel off any labels if you need to. Wash any remaining wax off of your candle jar.


PicMonkey Collagecbsc2


4. After you have washed and dried your candle holder you can place your chalkboard labels onto the spot you want them to be.

5. Stretch the flat ribbon hair tie around the bottom and put it where you would like it to be. I placed mine below the sticker shown in the first  top and bottom pictures below.

PicMonkey Collage CBSC6. Now you can fill  it with whatever you would like to.

There are many things things you can fill these with and some ideas are:

pens, paper clips, make-up brushes, beauty tools, lip gloss, lipsticks, candy, cotton balls, box tops (boxtops4education) while your collecting them, beads, a tiny sewing kit, Band-Aids, pany liners, and tampons for you bathroom sink.

or you could use them to give small gifts in at Christmas maybe cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels or home made body scrubs.



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and I hope you are having a WONDERFUL day.





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