September 2014 Love With Food but really Gluten Free August box


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Hi everyone

Last month I had gotten an offer from Love with Food to get a free box. So I ordered it and was excited to be able to unbox it for you.

well the box got shipped out and delivered, only I was not the one who it was delivered to. I e-mailed Love with Food to let them know I had not gotten the box yet. Well they said they had run out of September boxes but offered me a August Gluten Free box instead. I thought that would be cool because I have not seen as many Gluten-Free unboxing’s of Love with Food as I have the regular boxes.

So here we go in the box

x2 dang – toasted coconut chips 1.43 oz.  These were the first item from the box that I ate and holy cow they are awesome the bags are 1.43 oz each and have a value of 1.62 per oz if you bought the 12 pack on Amazon

x2 180 – Nutty Rice Bites [dry roasted] with blueberries they are .62 oz. each and the 2 packs have a value of $2.98. These were the second thing I ate out of the box. Honestly for me they could be a good replacement  for some of the sugary not so good for me things I eat sometimes.

Jules – Cookies mix the 1.3 lb. box makes about 60 Cookies and is a value of $9.95. I read on the website that you can add whatever you want as far as nuts and chocolate chips to these cookies which I like because you can just keep these on hand then add whatever you need to. However for myself $9.95 is a bit much for a box of cookie mix.

Terra-Real Vegetable chip and the flavor is Sweet and Beets  they are 1.5 oz. and have a value of $2.55 I ate these too. I liked them a lot I wish they had a bit of a salty flavor to them but they are really good.

Bumblebar- Juno Apple Crisp Bar 1.6 oz.  it has a value of $2.69 This tasted ok not my favorite but if someone gave one to me I would eat it again. I love that it has 5g of Protein though

Lundburg – Multi-grain chips in Redwood Smokey BBQ 1.5 oz which has an approximate value of 3.15 per bag. These were ok again not the worst thing I’ve eaten but I probably would not but them. On this I am including the product link so you can locate them, if you are interested and to do that scoll all the way to the bottom of the page and I included the amazon link as well.

x 5 Yummy Earth – Organic suckers they have a value of .19 cents each so times that by 5 and I have .95 cents worth. I have had the Blueberry one and it was really good this I may purchase in the future

ginny – minis butter crisp love 1.25 oz. there value is 1.08 I haven’t eaten these yet but I love butter cookies so I think I will enjoy them.

Boulder Granola – Original 3 oz snack size. and has a vale of 2.70 I have had this yet either but the bag is a pretty good size I may try and find a cookie recipe to use it in.

So I think it was a pretty good box the price of the Gluten-Free box is is $25.00 a month and the value of this box is $29.29. You don’t come out hugly ahaead but you don’t have to pay a whole lot for some huge price for a bag or box of something and discover that you don’t like it.

Love with food is a big win for me I think I may get a monthly Tasting box for awhile. I want to start snacking on healthier things and this is a great way to find snacks and not waste money on ones I don’t like.


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September 2014 (but really August) Love with Food

If you want to try love with food feel free to use my referral code HERE 


*I was Offered this box for free by using a code via E-mail offer*

I hope you enjoyed my Love With Food unboxing/review.

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Subsciption boxes

I know there are a ton of Blogs on this, but I myself love to get a ton of different input when I am deciding to pay for a subscription box. So this is a list of subscription boxes that I personally have experience with meaning, I have at least gotten 1 or more boxes from them  not all of them I still sub to now, but I will let you know on each one if I still get it and if I still do I will do reviews on them as I get them and if I don’t get them anymore I will let you know the reason I chose not to get them anymore. I do like to try out different ones  and not all of them I pay for but I will let you know if I just got it for free or a discount or not and in no way am I trying to steer you toward one box or another. I do not get any  payments or freebies (other than referral points) from any of them at the moment and if I do in the future I will be honest about it. The Boxes on the list are Birchbox, Ipsy, Love with food, Beauty Box 5, and Julep Maven (I will be adding to the list). Okay so let’s get this list on the road.
Birchbox  $10 a month or $110 yearly  with that you get 4-5 items and what you can expect is mix of skin care, hair care, make-up and body care )

I have been getting Birchbox for over a year now, after I had gotten 3 boxes I decided to pay the $110 for the yearly sub, I like Birchbox quite a bit. Some months are out of this world for me while some months are not, I have found some super amazing products from it that I have purchased the full sizes of. when you first sign up you should go fill out your profile and they send products that best fit your profile, you can change things on it when ever you’d like to try to get different types of things. I my myself suggest you pick one option for each question and if you don’t like what you get change something but stick with one choice for each question.

Every month, you’ll receive a box filled with 4-5 beauty, grooming, and lifestyle samples from both up-and-coming and well-known brands. Each delivery will include a mix of categories. Samples are generously sized, with enough product to allow you to figure out if they’re right for you. You’ll also want to take advantage of, which is packed with product information and tips, including expert interviews, helpful tutorials, and engaging videos.  (This description was copied from the FAQs from the Birchbox website found here )

birchbox has a shop full of items to buy with the points you earn for reviewing, the items in you box and you get 10 points per item and 100 points is equal to $10.00 (believe it or not they add up pretty quick) in the birchbox shop. This year Birchbox also came out with a VIP program and to become VIP you have to earn 500 Birchbox points in a year. When you become an ace you get extra perks and they are that you get free shipping on all orders,  you get free 2 day shipping on orders of full size products that are $100 or more, you get Concierge Service which is basically if you need help finding a gift for someone, you can book an appointment with someone and they will help you find that gift, also as an Aces VIP member you hear about select product launches and have exclusive access to offers and when you hit your one year anniversary of being an ace they send you a gift and throughout the year they send you little surprises, whether it be an offer or a little gift ya never know.

Pros: the rewards points add up pretty quickly, a good majority of what’s in your boxes are from very well-known brands

Cons: I myself can’t think of any expect like with all sub boxes you may not always get what you want.

I will review and post my September box when it comes.  Update: here is Septembers box  bog post

If Birchbox sounds like the subscription box that is right for you please feel free to use my link below and if you don’t that’s okay too.


Ipsy $10 a month with that you get 4-5 items plus a make up bag and what you can expect is mostly make-up, some skin care and hair care

I have been getting Ipsy since April of 2013 and I like it pretty well but I honestly like Birchboxes point system a bit better but ipsy is still working on their point system, so September is going to be the last bag for me and then I am going to find another Sub box to try, so it’s not that I hate Ipsy or anything I have gotten some unbelievable products from Ipsy I just want to try something new. When you first sign up you take a style quiz and through the power of ipsys “ipsy match”  it matches you with the products that best fit you and for my bags it has been pretty on the mark but I have seen some other ladies bags that are way off, but you can also retake the quiz anytime you like.

“Each month, subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Members can watch and play along with the stylists with the same products that they are using. All for only $10 a month.”  (Description copied from the about section of Ipsys website found here )

You get 4-5 items each month in your Ipsy bag

I will post my September bag when it gets here.     Update: here is Septembers bag blog post

Ipsy does not have a store but they have bonus items you can buy with you points usually there are about 4 or 5 different items to choose from and the point amount for each product I have seen have been 500, 1000, and 1500. They also have links to the brands they work with websites to buy the items that come in your bag.

Pros: you get a different makeup bag each month

Cons: shipping time can very greatly I myself get my bag anywhere between the 11th and the 17th of each month

you can follow the link below to sign up, if Ipsy sounds like the sub for here is my referral link.


Love with food  $10,$17,or $24 a month  the amount of items you get depends on which box you pick, and with that you can expect snack foods.

I had gotten this sub box once sometime last year and I liked it, but at the time I had just started Birchbox and was on the waitlist for Ipsy so it was not in the budget at the time for another box. The thing I really love about Love With Food is that for every box you order they donate a meal to a food bank and to my knowledge no other sub boxes do that. Their subscriptions start at $10.00 a month for a Tasting box, that has 8+ healthy snacks and donates 1 meal, $17.00 for a deluxe box  that has 16-20 healthy snacks and donates 2 meals and they also have a Gluten free option for $24.00, and with that you get 8-12 snacks and 2 meals are donated. So not only are you getting to try new and healthy snacks each month, but you are also helping someone in need as well. They also have a shop where you can buy the full size of the different snacks that you get from your box, with the points you earn which I think is great because you don’t have to go hunt it down. They also have a sale section which who doesn’t love  to find a great deal.

I am supposed to be receiving a free box for September so I will have a review up for that as soon as I can but I honestly don’t think I am going to keep getting it.

Pros: for every box bought is a meal donated to a food bank

Cons: points add up slow if you don’t commit to a long tem subscription

If this sounds like the sub box for you please feel free to use my link below to sign up.


Beauty Box 5 you get 5 items every month. the prices are  $12 a month, $30 Quarterly and $99.00 yearly and the type of products to expect from this box are  skin care, hair care make up and body care.

I had gotten 3 months worth of Beauty box 5 this year but I canceled because I did not see anything it was giving me that my Birchbox wasn’t and Beauty Box 5 is still working on a referral / point system or lack there of, but again I am not at all saying to stay away from them I am just saying it was not for me we all have our likes and our dislikes.

This is the first part from the Beauty Box 5 about section on this page  “We understand your beauty needs and your busy lifestyle. And we’re here to help. Beauty Box 5 is a subscription-based, beauty sampling service that delivers 5 deluxe samples and full-sized products right to your door every month. It’s a cosmetic jungle out there and we want to lend a helping hand by introducing you to new brands and great products, while sharing tips on the best ways to use them.”

BB5 does have a shop and you can purchase items from your current box or past boxes.

Pros: you always get 5 items every month

Cons: They do not currently have a point system (but they say they are working on one)

If you think that beauty box 5 sounds like the box for you please feel free to use my referral link below
Julep Maven: $24.99 for 1 month or 19.99 a month for 3 months  mostly nail polish but some beauty/makeup items

My first time getting julep was 3/8/13 and I have gotten a few boxes here and there. I joined before they changed it to not being able to skip when ever you wanted and so if you joined after Dec 18th (I beleave ) you can only skip every 6 months but it says in the Maven FAQs that  if you have “extenuating circumstances” to call Julep and they will do their “absolute best to help you out” now in this review I am only commenting on the sub box service customer service and colors because I have discovered recently that no polish wants to stay on my nails unless it is gel, so I won’t comment on the quality. As far as the colors go they are great they have so many to choose from with different opacity and different textures  as well as super fine glitter and chunky glitter to they also have been coming out with makeup products I LOVE their lip gloss. Now the customer service has something left to be desired and I am not quite sure what’s up with that but they are slow to respond to emails and from my experience and what I’ve read you can’t get through to their call center very easy.

What you get in your box depends on which  style profile you choose, this paragraph that is found on the 6th question down explains more about style profiles Julep FAQs “We curate five new boxes every month, each one featuring colors and/or products tailored to a certain Style Profile. You can take your default style, try a new style, or customize your box as much as you’d like. By having a default style profile, even if you don’t preview your box, we can surprise you with something that’s just your style.” The 5 style profiles are Bombshell, Boho Glam, Classic With A Twist, It Girl and Modern Beauty, I myself changed style profiles when I got a box almost every time but you can keep the one that fits you, after you take the quiz the “Maven Window’ is open between the 20th-24th and that is the time you can change the profile that month to pick the box you want in addition they have different “add ons” you can add to your box which you either pay for with “Jules” or it gets added to the price of your monthly box. Julep does have a point system and if you have the customizable option you get 350 “Jules” for every box you take or you get 300 if you don’t have that option, I am not really sure on all the differences of the 2 entirely since I am still on the old program.

every month there is a secret store if you take your box you get 24 hr early access on the last day of the month and if you don’t it is open on the 1st of every month. They also have a regular store that has a sale section (but lately  every time I try to add to cart it just keeps loading it never adds it).

Pros: Julep nail polish is 5-free and vegan-friendly. they do not have formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, camphor, and animal ingredients or byproducts, they have a point system, you can change your style profile.

Cons: the customer service has much to be desired, you have to call or email to cancel. the “FREE” codes that you find they only tell you in the fine print the you are signing up for a subscription ( so just know if you find a “FREE” code or ” only the price of shipping you ARE signing up for a subscription.

So if you love nail polish and this sounds like the right sub box for you feel free to use my referral link




Those are some of the sub boxes I have gotten. Some of them I got as a try before you buy type of thing, and some I paid for full price with my own money but theses are my own opinions of these boxes and if you don’t like it that is ok you know what they say about opinions and like I have stated before I am not trying to get you going to one sub over another I am just trying to give you facts plus how I felt about each one.

I really hope you have enjoyed my reviews/list and I will add links as I post first looks at each box along with add subs to the list as I try them thank you for reading Following and Liking me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram

Have a WONDERFUL day



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