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AlphaHealthy Probiotics

I was given the opportunity to try AlphaHealthy Probiotics and I have been taking them for about a 2 weeks now and to be honest don’t notice much a difference. Other then the fact that maybe my acne breakout that I have been battling has been calming down a bit quicker than normal. However I really have not been taking them long enough to know weather they are doing much more yet. Although I have read a lot about Probiotics in the last few days on a few different websites and I think the benefits that have been shown are good. if you would like to read more on probiotics there is a lot of great information on WebMD

What is a Probiotic: A dietary supplement containing live bacteria or yeast that supplements normal gastrointestinal flora, given especially after depletion of flora caused by infection or ingestion of an antibiotic drug. (Source: Medical Dictionary

Probiotics are naturally found in some foods such as Kefir, yogurt, pickles, sauerkraut and 6 other foods that you can read about HERE on Mind Body Green

How Probiotics work: (in short) They work by Balancing the good microorganisms, with the not so good ones thet are in the intestines and seem to help the bodies immunity with fighting off certain things.

from what I have read on a few different websites there are very few side effects from taking probiotics. However some may cause gas and bloating, but decreasing the dosage or taking them every other day may help with that.

Probiotics can be used with certain antibiotics to decrease the risk of diarrhea that some may cause, but talk to you Dr. to avoid any interactions if you are taking anything else.

Read about what probiotics have been found usful for on WebMD

So if you want to get started on AlphaHealthy Probiotic go on over to Amazon and order them.

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*I am not a healthcare professional so anytime you take something new you should speak with your Dr. to avoid any side effects or medication interaction issues*



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